Company Overview

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Culinary Collective is an import and distribution company that fosters small-scale production of flavorful, wholesome, heritage food by making a direct and inspiring connection between the producers of these foods and the North American food connoisseur. The Collective offers a shared logistic system for small gourmet food producers who aim to preserve traditional food systems and encourage environmental responsibility. Each Collective Producer is guided by shared responsible business principles and a set of product criteria.

Culinary Collective combines two divisions – Matiz España specializing in Spanish foods, and Zócalo Gourmet with heritage foods from Peru.

Culinary Collective was established in 1998 by Pere Selles from Catalunya, Spain and Betsy Power from Salem, Massachusetts, when the two moved to Seattle and realized that the selection of quality foods from Spain was next to nil.

Since its initial boot-strapped start up, Culinary Collective has expanded considerably, working with over 30 vendors in Spain and Peru and is now known as a premier importer of gourmet, cultural foods. In September of 2014, the Collective celebrated its 15 year anniversary by reflecting on where they’ve been and the numerous producers that have come along for the journey, which is illustrated in this company timeline.

The Company’s founders believe that it’s important to live responsibly to improve the health of our environment and our communities. The Culinary Collective is founded on this belief. We work solely with small producers that are rooted in and integral to the health of their communities, using strict sourcing criteria to ensure that products are all natural and fairly sourced.

We are strong believers that we work to live, not live to work. We like to get out there and experience life. We attempt to get off the beaten path, to open our eyes to the many amazing cultures and peoples that inhabit Mother Earth. We incorporate travel into our business lives by visiting our suppliers on a regular basis, and we encourage our customers to join us on these trips.

Culinary Collective is proud to be a founding Certified B Corporation.