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Catalunya is home to a proud and industrious people with a unique language, cuisine and culture. For a long time this region lay at the heart of a kingdom stretching as far as Sicily, Naples, and Sardinia and its ships dominated trade in the Mediterranean. This history has brought the outside world to Catalunya creating a culture rich in diversity. Its geography is equally varied, from rugged mountains in the north to dry plains in the south, and the Mediterranean lapping at its eastern edge.

At the epicenter of this landscape is Barcelona. Tourists, students, and adventure seekers are drawn here from all over the world to experience the blend of tradition and modern sophistication that is Barcelona. From architecture and art – Gaudi, Miro, and Dali – to world class events – the Olympics and the new Forum – to food – Ferrer Adria, Cal Pep – Barcelona is an experience to remember.

The Boqueria, a centuries old market at the heart of Barcelona, is the best place to experience the depth and breadth of Catalan cuisine. This is where the best chefs come to buy fresh seafood, vegetables, and meat. On your next visit, be sure to sit at one of the many Boqueria bars and join a local for tripe and wine at breakfast!

Catalunya is the home of…
Aneto BrothsTraditional SaucesChocolates Traditional Biscuits  Boquerones • Olive Oil