Castillo de Canena Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wins Best in Class

Castillo de Canena Biodynamic Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Emerald green, pungent and a bit spicy, with notes of freshly picked garden tomatoes, mint and artichoke, Castillo de Canena Biodynamic Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of our bold favorites. Happily, the experts are of the same opinion. This oil took home the prize of “Best in Class” (Northern Hemisphere, Monovarietal, Robust) at the prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition 2017 (NYIOOC) held April 23 – 26 in New York City. Fifteen experts from every olive oil-producing region in the world make up the elite panel of judges who determine the cream of this year’s crop.

Castillo de Canena Biodynamic Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using strict biodynamic processes and standards, and is the first Spanish olive oil to receive DEMETER biodynamic certification. Biodynamic agriculture is a step beyond organic farming methods. It is founded on the harmonization between the different forces that govern nature: seasons, atmospheric phenomena, lunar cycles and the position of the constellations in the cosmos. Biodynamic agriculture seeks a comprehensive balance of soil, trees, animals and humanity.

Castillo de Canena is passionate about respecting and nurturing native plants and animals. They produce their own organic fertilizer through composting, incorporate beehives and sheep into the olive groves, and use crushed quartz in place of copper on their fields. Their care and hard work clearly shine through in both the oil and the packaging. The bottle’s design, color and texture are meant to convey a sense of intention and place. The bottle is earthen brown, and they’ve given it a rough texture that evokes the feeling of soil and stone. White constellations and stars are scattered throughout the text. The oil is fresh, bright, elegant and robust, and is fantastic drizzled over white fish and tomatoes, over hard cheeses and pasta. We’re excited to bring you this very special oil, which will surely become your next pantry staple!