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Matiz Flor de Garum Premium Spanish Fish Sauce

New Matiz Flor de Garum Premium Fish Sauce

Delicate, savory and complex, Matiz Flor de Garum is a fish sauce unlike you’ve tasted before. Garum is the ancient Roman version of fish sauce, and was a ubiquitous condiment in that era. Its savory “umami” flavor added color and definition to ordinary foods (you could say it was their version of ketchup!). Garum was […]

Matiz Fiery all i oli spicy aioli Spanish Catalan

How to Get Spicy with Matiz Fiery All i Oli

To say that we’re big fans of spicy food around the Culinary Collective office is an understatement. Although Spain isn’t known as the epicenter for hot and spicy, the Spaniards do love big bold flavors, which includes spicy garlic and hot pimentón. When our company came out with Matiz Fiery All I Oli, we all […]

Matiz Sardines with Salsa Verde Tapa

Celebrate World Tapas Day with Nibbles from Spain

Today, June 16th, 2016, is the first annual World Tapas Day! It’s a day to celebrate all things tapas, which are those irresistible little nibbles served in bars all over Spain. They are more than what Americans call appetizers. They aren’t just food, but a cultural and social phenomenon. Tapas are so much a part […]

Matiz Tinned Seafood

Tinned Seafood Makes Picnics Easy

The sun is shining, it’s a late-spring-ish afternoon, and it’s just too pretty and warm to sit inside and eat. It’s the perfect excuse to pull out a blanket, call a few friends and get outside. I love picnics, because they are so forgiving to those of us who happen to love elegant food but […]

Spreading Economic Development

Spreading Economic Development

In the Huanuco region of Peru, most people cultivate and live off of the potato. But the market price for potatoes is quite low and unstable, and thus it is difficult for villagers to move beyond subsistence conditions. In 2009, two young entrepreneurs, Roger and Violeta, began with a big vision – to promote economic […]

Product Highlight: Quince Paste

Product Highlight: Quince Paste

When the leaves fall and the mornings greet us with autumn’s telltale sign of sapphire blue, here at Culinary Collective we know it’s time to look for quince. Most people think only of fall’s ubiquitous apples and pears, but quince fruits at the orchards of Trafut Cano in Spain are what we think of first.  These […]

How to Make the Best Paella

How to Make the Best Paella

Have you ever had a good paella? No, I mean a really good eyes-roll-back-in-your head paella? There are a million different recipes out there for paella. Some with chicken, some with seafood, veggies, and others with a virtual kaleidoscope of ingredients – everything from beans to snails and beyond. Some recipes are simple and others […]