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Matiz Sardines with Salsa Verde Tapa

Celebrate World Tapas Day with Nibbles from Spain

Today, June 16th, 2016, is the first annual World Tapas Day! It’s a day to celebrate all things tapas, which are those irresistible little nibbles served in bars all over Spain. They are more than what Americans call appetizers. They aren’t just food, but a cultural and social phenomenon. Tapas are so much a part […]

Seafood and Spinach Paella by Sydney Kramer of Crepes of Wrath

Easy Paella Recipes for National Paella Day

Americans use many different words when describing Spanish paella. Words such as “heavenly”, “hearty” and “comfort food” but they also use words such as “intimidating” and “complicated” when asked about making it.  How can a one-pot meat and rice dish inspire such conflicting emotions? We must admit, this breaks our Spanish hearts a little bit […]

Chef Varin's modern play on the traditional bread and chocolate tapa from Spain - using Blanxart Chocolate, Arvum Sherry Vinegar and Matiz Sea Salt.

Foods and Wines From Spain and Culinary Collective Team Up for Spanish Food Events

December was a whirlwind for Culinary Collective – not only were we busy in the warehouse fulfilling holiday orders, we also had the amazing opportunity to participate in some wonderful events hosted by Foods and Wines from Spain. On December 17th they hosted a special “Day of Spain” educational event for the students at Seattle […]

Seafood Picnic in Seconds

Seafood Picnic in Seconds

In Spain a Sunday excursionist is called a Dominguero.  Here in the US we call them picnickers. Those folks who spend their Sundays driving to the country to brave the the bees and ants and dine on a blanket on the ground. In Spain, they traditionally load up the trunks of their automobiles with everything needed to […]

Matiz Veggies - Big Flavor in a Small Jar

Matiz Veggies – Big Flavor in a Small Jar

Here at Culinary Collective we always love sharing stories about the people and farmers behind our best-selling products. Since the beginning, we’ve been importing the finest Spanish veggies from Pedro Luis. Pedro Luis is a small family-owned company that preserves the piquillo peppers and artichokes that go into our Matiz line of jarred veggies. Pedro […]

Summer Fancy Food Show 2014 - Spanish Fiesta!

Summer Fancy Food Show 2014 – Spanish Fiesta!

This is one in a series of re-posts from past travels and events with Culinary Collective team members and vendors. Culinary Collective travels the world to find the very best gourmet traditional foods, supporting small producers who have strong ties to their lands and their communities. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as […]