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Zocalo Flours Purple Corn Sweet Potato Mesquite gluten free

Whether paleo, organic, gluten-free, grain-free or just flavor-obsessed, people are increasingly seeking out alternative flours for a variety of reasons. Our Zócalo line of flours are truly unique – flours for cooks and bakers who want creative solutions that also happen to come through on flavor and nutrition. Each colorful flour has its own personality and story to tell, so grab a box and open up a world of new flavor combinations.

Our Zócalo Peruvian Organic Mesquite Flour is an incredibly aromatic and rare delight, and comes from a cooperative of farmers in a very remote region of Peru (our co-founder Betsy can attest – a jungle river crossing in a small inflatable raft over rough waters showed her true commitment to get to these farms). Mesquite flour is made from the dried and ground pods of the mesquite tree, which is plentiful in Peru. Its unusual smoky-sweet flavor enhances cinnamon, chocolate and caramel, and it’s also gluten-free and high in fiber and iron. The small family company in Peru that manages the growers cooperative trains its farmers in organic production techniques which helps them bring their products to market at a fair price. The cost and effort to process and transport this flour means this mesquite rarely leaves Peru. However, we believe it’s worth the trouble to introduce people to something so unusually delicious. Drop it in smoothies or add a few tablespoons to baked goods. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Zócalo Sweet Potato Flour works like magic for holding moisture in baked goods. Sweet potatoes are also a nutrition powerhouse – high in vitamin A and fiber, sweet potatoes are a staple in Peru where they originated and where thousands of colorful potato varieties still flourish. We work with small farmers who grow, harvest, dry and mill these potatoes in the central mountain region. Preserving potatoes through drying has a long history in Peru, and now this same technique gives us a convenient way to add naturally sweet flavor and nutrition to soups, muffins and quick breads.

Zócalo Organic Purple Corn Flour has this extra something that you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s sweet, yes, but not the same kind of sweetness as yellow corn. After baking, it has beautiful dark color, mellow flavor, and somehow magically works wonders with chocolate and dried fruits, or as a breading on fish. Its color comes from anthocyanins, which are the same purple antioxidants that you find in berries. We source our organic purple corn from the Bederski family, who own the only certified organic nursery in Peru. Organic purple corn is an heirloom variety and quite rare, and we have the only Peruvian organic purple corn flour on the market today.

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