How to Get Spicy with Matiz Fiery All i Oli

Matiz Fiery all i oli spicy aioli Spanish Catalan

To say that we’re big fans of spicy food around the Culinary Collective office is an understatement. Although Spain isn’t known as the epicenter for hot and spicy, the Spaniards do love big bold flavors, which includes spicy garlic and hot pimentón. When our company came out with Matiz Fiery All I Oli, we all knew it would be a hit, because when you put together two spicy favorites, how can you go wrong?

There are a bunch of ways to use this spread, whether it’s on your favorite sandwich or mixed into a Spanish tapa like this Ensaladilla Rusa, but here are a few ways you might not have thought about before (but honestly, all we’re thinking about around here is how our next product might be a keg-sized version of this stuff.) Have fun and join us in getting hooked on this very special spicy Spanish spread!

  • Shake up popcorn with a few tablespoons of Matiz Fiery All I Oli, sprinkle a bit of Matiz Sea Salt on top and you have the most heavenly popcorn ever
  • Use this spicy all i oli in place of mayo in your next deviled eggs recipe
  • Put in two tablespoons of fiery all i oli and one tablespoon of Arvum Moscatel Sherry Vinegar into a small jar and shake, then pour over salad
  • Smear it on grilled corn on the cob – you’ll never go back!
  • Toss mushrooms and other veggies with spicy all I oli, then spread out evenly on a baking sheet and roast in the oven at 400 degrees – easy and delicious
  • Bake potato wedges and use fiery all i oli as a dipping sauce
  • Blend equal parts plain yogurt with fiery all i oli and use as a dip for fresh cut vegetables
  • Slather it on grilled fish or chicken soft tacos in place of sour cream
  • Serve it alongside cocktail sauce with cold shrimp