How to Get Your Free Matiz Rice Tote Bag


Matiz Rice Tote Free 2

We’ve been hearing for years just how much people love our beautiful Matiz Paella Rice cloth packaging – enough for some people to inspire high fashion. It makes us more than a little sad to think that so many pretty bags might be going to waste, even after we’ve thought of all sorts of ways to reuse them (storing veggies! organizing craft drawers!)

So, we decided to get creative and turn them into handmade Matiz Rice tote bags, and then offer them to you for free! Being a certified B Corp responsible business, it’s a great way to up-cycle while giving our loyal customers a little reward for all that paella-eating. Each bag is hand made right here in Seattle from both beautiful and sturdy USA-made canvas, with a recycled rice bag forming a pocket on each side. It’s pretty enough to take out for your afternoon errand-running, and sturdy enough hold up to your haul of farmer’s market produce (or say, three or four more bags of Matiz Paella Rice).

Matiz Rice Tote Bag Free

Everyone loves free!

Want to get your own free Matiz Rice tote bag? It’s easy. Simply follow the steps below to turn your empty rice bags into something stylish and eco-friendly.

  1. Cut open your rice bags carefully by simply clipping the white thread that runs along the top, being sure not to clip the fabric bag.
  2. Eat lots paella (like, enough to empty THREE whole bags of rice… maybe throw a few dinner parties?
  3. Mail in your three empty bags to the address below, and include your name, telephone number and shipping address on a card inside the packaging.
  4. You’ll receive your free recycled Matiz Rice Tote within 2 weeks*.
  5. Be sure to share with us via social media how you use your tote bag, using the hashtag #FreeMatizTote.

Culinary Collective

Attn.: Free Matiz Rice Tote

12407-B Mukilteo Speedway

suite 245

Lynnwood, WA 98087

*Offer available to U.S. residents only. Limit 2 tote bags per customer. Offer only good until Jan 1, 2018 or until noted on this posting.