New Matiz Flor de Garum Premium Fish Sauce

Matiz Flor de Garum Premium Spanish Fish Sauce

Delicate, savory and complex, Matiz Flor de Garum is a fish sauce unlike you’ve tasted before. Garum is the ancient Roman version of fish sauce, and was a ubiquitous condiment in that era. Its savory “umami” flavor added color and definition to ordinary foods (you could say it was their version of ketchup!). Garum was made with similar ingredients as an Asian fish sauce – fish, salt and spices – however, the amount of salt used was much less, resulting in more of the proteins being extracted from the fermenting fish. These proteins lent a greater flavor complexity to the sauce.

Garum all but disappeared after the fall of the Roman empire, and the recipes were mostly lost along with it. However, archeologists working in Pompeii were recently able to use residue analyses to understand how it was made and, along with a recipe from the third century found in a European abbey, our producer in Spain was able to recreate a rigorously authentic garum sauce. This is a very special sauce, to say the least, and we are excited to bring this beautifully intense, amber-colored liquid to the U.S.!

Garum will soon be your go-to ingredient in the kitchen. Use it in salad dressings, marinades, pasta dishes, or add a splash to finished dishes. For a simple sauce that goes with just about anything, add chopped garlic, a bit of vinegar and hot peppers, and you won’t look back.