New! Zócalo Peruvian Aji Chili Cooking Sauces

Zocalo Aji Chili Cooking Sauces

Aji chili peppers are ubiquitous in Peruvian cuisine. Ranging from moderately hot to very hot, they are used on and in just about everything to add both heat and flavor. In Peru, sauces made with aji chilies add spice to most of their signature dishes, from roast chicken to steak to rice. We’ve been successfully importing and selling organic aji chili pastes for years, so we recognized (and lamented!) the  dearth of ready-to-cook sauces and condiments made with aji chilies here in the U.S… so, we decided to create our own.

When creating the very best aji sauces, It definitely helps to be friends with the very best organic aji chili farmer in Peru. Stefan Bederski of Topara Organica is passionate about organic aji chilies. His farm was the first to be certified organic in Peru, and he continues to experiment and innovate with various growing methods to produce some of the best organic chilies in the world. We developed this line of cooking sauces using his gorgeous chilies, fruits, herbs, spices and extra virgin olive oil to highlight these chilies and the fresh fruit and herb flavors that make Peruvian food so stunningly delicious. We also wanted to make these sauces approachable and versatile so anyone can cook with them, whether they’re familiar with aji chilies or not. Use them as simmer sauces, as a marinade, brush on grilled meats or poultry, as a condiment, or combine with whole milk yogurt or mayo for a spicy dip for chips, wings, or vegetables. They add instant flavor to just about anything.

Aji Panca Chili and Herbs Cooking Sauce Smoky and tangy, with hints of dark fruits and spices, this moderately spicy aji panca chili sauce will become your new favorite for cooking and grilling everything from beef to salmon and vegetables.

Aji Amarillo Chili and Goldenberry Cooking Sauce Moderately spicy Peruvian aji amarillo chilies and sweet, tangy native goldenberries give this piquant cooking sauce a bright, spicy-sweet flavor.

Aji Limo Chili and Passionfruit Cooking Sauce This sauce is for spice lovers! Spicy red aji limo chilies,red bell pepper, sweet passionfruit and other native herbs and spices give this unique cooking sauce a bold personality.