Perfect Pairing Ideas for Paul and Pippa Biscuits

Paul and Pippa Coconut Valley with Chocolate Spread

The first comment we hear about these biscuits is usually “Oh, what cute packaging!” And, while the packaging is surely a show-stopper, the reaction that follows is the one we enjoy the most, “Yum!” Paul and Pippa founder Veronica Escuer just happens to be a perfectionist in all areas of her Barcelona-based company, from getting the right whimsical character drawings on each canister, to the perfect organic Spanish extra virgin olive oil that goes into each biscuit. She searches all over for the best sweet organic carrots, ripe organic tomatoes, vibrant limes, salty and rich Manchego cheese, and dark cocoa, and then works tirelessly to get the flavor just perfect.  Each thin, delicate Paul and Pippa biscuit is made with an impeccable attention to detail. Their flavors usually steal the show, versus act as a submissive sweet or salty sidekick. However, they still pair nicely with all sorts of delicious everyday favorites – just don’t expect them to stand aside and play the wilting wallflower. Here are a few you might want to try, from easy breakfast ideas to sophisticated appetizers.

  • Blend a bit of Puremiel Honey with soft mascarpone cheese, add a dollop to Lady Carrot Cake, and pair with a glass of riesling for a simple yet sophisticated dessert.
  • Top each Tomato Bravo biscuit with half a Matiz Sardine, a dollop of sour cream, then add a curl of hard Spanish cheese for a crazy good salty-sweet flavor

Paul and Pippa Don Manchego Biscuits

  • Paul and Pippa Don Manchego biscuits naturally pair with classic Matiz Organic Quince Paste, or try a bit of thinly sliced apple and a drizzle of Puremiel Organic Honey
  • Try zesty Lime After Time biscuits with a classic gin and tonic (Spain’s somewhat unofficial national cocktail), then spread them with creme fraiche for a richer pairing
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with a smear of chocolate hazelnut spread on Coconut Valley, or make your breakfast creative by crumbling over Greek yogurt with a bit of lime zest (or Lime After Time biscuits!)
  • Cocoa Chips biscuits with with their salty-sweetness are perfect with fresh strawberries, or dunk them into softened coffee ice cream and serve with a glass of  Spanish cava for an easy dessert
  • Crumble these comforting cinnamon-y sweet Me & Grandma biscuits over vanilla yogurt with chopped Marcona almonds or walnuts