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This beautiful line of single origin dark chocolates is made from organic and fair trade sourced beans from five different regions: Peru, Philippines, Congo, and Brazil. Produced using traditional Spanish methods, Blanxart has been making chocolate in their small factory in Barcelona since 1954. Blanxart works with farmers to source select cocoa beans from all over the world, then roasts them to ensure the right aroma and texture. They add only real sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla to create one of the best quality chocolates in the world. Their rustic, award-winning packaging reflects the natural, hand-made process.

Blanxart purchases cacao from producers who are certified fair trade and who have been confirmed to use no child labor.

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Dark: Cocoa, cocoa butter, cane sugar, vanilla; Milk: cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa, vanilla; all organic and fair trade (sugar not fair trade).


Produced free of genetically engineered ingredients, Produced in a facility that also uses soy, nuts, dairy, and gluten.


100% recyclable


82% Congo: 8 32924 00032 9; 42% Congo: 8 32924 00033 6; 77% Peru: 8 32924 00034 3; 71% Filipinas: 8 32924 00036 7; 44% Filipinas: 8 32924 00037 4; 76% Brasil: 8 32924 00038 1

Item No.

82% Congo: BX410, 42% Congo: BX411, 77% Peru: BX412, 71% Filipinas: BX414, 44% Filipinas: BX415, 76% Brasil: BX416


Nutrition Facts

Blanxart Chocolates, located in region of Catalonia, Spain, produces over 100 types of pralines and chocolates, each with its own personality and flavor, using traditional recipes and hand-made processes. Blanxart selects their own cocoa beans from Ecuador, Brazil, Cameroon, The Ivory Coast and Guinea, and then roasts them to ensure the right blend, aroma and texture. The finished products are 100% natural and 100% delicious.

In 1954 three brothers got together to produce chocolate with the belief that manufacturing chocolate is an art form. The company is still run on that hard and fast rule by the sons of the original founders. Traditional recipes, years of experience and an unfaltering attention to detail has made the Blanxart name a symbol of quality.

Everyone that works at Blanxart seems to be part of one big family. Or maybe its just that being enveloped by a cloud of chocolate when you walk into the workshop makes everything seem so wonderful! The love of creating chocolate as an art is infused into each yummy morsel.

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