Organic Matiz Quince Paste

Matiz Andaluz Organic Quince Paste


Everybody asks… “What is quince?”

Quince is a fruit that looks like a cross between an apple and a lemon. And anyone who has tried a quince knows that you don’t eat it straight! To be edible, it must be cooked with sugar, which is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, we have found an organic quince paste from the south of Spain. Great care is taken in all aspects of the production process, from harvest to cooking and packing, to give this quince paste a deep color and rich, unsurpassed flavor. Organic Matiz Quince Paste, made from organic quince and sugar, is cooked longer than other quince pastes on the market, giving it a darker color and more caramelized flavor.

Try it on toast or crackers, or do as the Spaniards do and spread some on Spanish Manchego cheese. Then watch your guests fight for the last bite!





Quince pulp, refined white sugar, lemon concentrate, apple pectin. No preservatives or chemical additives.


This product has been produced free of gluten, dairy, soy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


100% recyclable


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Matiz Quince Paste: MZC01


Nutrition Facts

Trafrut Cano, located on the southern shore of Spain in the region of Andalucia, produces high quality quince paste using fruit from local farmers. They use only the highest quality all natural ingredients, traditional techniques and recipes to produce, without a doubt, the best quince paste on the market.

In 1912 the Cano family bought a farm with two quince trees. They made quince paste at home and sold it in the family “confiteria” or jam store in the center of Malaga. It sold out so fast that they decided to start a business. In 1994, Antonio and Joaquin Cano founded Trafrut Cano to produce and distribute natural fruit juices and pastes of the same high quality that has been the family trademark since 1912.

Although a small percentage of Trafrut Cano’s quince comes from their own crop, the majority is purchased from the same local farmers year after year. And since supporting the local economy is a criteria high on the nifty list, they are a shoo-in.

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