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Our fresh white anchovies in vinegar will convert even the most adamant anchovy-averse eater! This exquisitely delicate fish comes fresh from the Mediterranean Sea. The key to a good boqueron is to start with high quality raw material. The best anchovies are cleaned, beheaded and gutted, one by one. They are then marinated in water, wine vinegar and salt for a minimum of 72 hours. After a filtration process, they are packed in containers with sunflower oil. Try them drizzled with olive oil, or wrapped around a Spanish olive.

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Anchovy, sunflower oil, vinegar and salt.


This product has been produced free of gluten, nuts, dairy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


100% recyclable


4.25 oz: 8 32924 00536 2; 20 oz: 8 32924 00537 9

Item No.

4.25 oz: BQ110, 20 oz: BQ501


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This small artisan company was formed in 1975, and named for the founder’s grandchildren, who now run the show. Siro and Xavi, two young vivacious men continue the tradition their grandfather began.

The company, which focuses solely on the production of anchovies and boquerones, purchases fish directly from the fisherman at the port each morning. The quality of their product is well known in Spain, and even though they are quite a small company (less than 30 employees), they produce approximately 12% of the national production of boquerones.

Boquerones and anchovies are both produced from the same raw material, fresh Mediterranean anchovies, which are at their most flavorful during the summer months when they have the optimum level of fat.

Matiz Mediterraneo - Siro & Xavi

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