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The Pecado Bar combines the sweet natural flavor of tender Spanish figs with the sinful decadence of chocolate and a hint of orange brandy. This irresistible sweet-tooth satisfier is produced by a small family company in the town of Almoharin, from the region of Extremadura, a land of abundant fig trees. In this region, fig trees continue to be cultivated as they have been for hundreds of years, using traditional techniques that minimize the use of fertilizers and chemical products.





dried fig paste (dried figs, inverted sugar, chocolate (cocoa mass, 54% min), sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin as an emulsifier, vanilla), cream, flavors (orange, brandy <0.1%), coating 15% (sugar, semi-skimmed cocoa powder, fractionated vegetable oil, soy lecithin as an emulsifier, vanilla)


Produced free of gluten and genetically engineered ingredients. Contains soy and dairy. Produced in a facility that works with nuts.


Wrap non-recyclable; display box 100% recyclable


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Matiz Extremeo Pecado: MZE22


Nutrition Facts

For thousands of years, figs have been treasured throughout the Mediterranean for their deep sweet flavor, rich nutritional properties, and sensual appearance. In Spain they are among the earliest fruits mentioned in written records. Spain is one of the largest producers of dried figs in the world, with the vast majority coming from the region of Extremadura.

Productos la Higuera, is located in the the heart of this fig-abundant region in the small town of Almoharin. This small family company was formed in 1989 to produce what has become known throughout Spain as the Rabito Royale, a sumptuous combination of dried figs and chocolate.

Today, the children of the founders continue to run the business, introducing new technology and new chocolate fig creations, such as the choco-higo or Pecado bar, while maintaining the authenticity of their parents’ original recipes. La Higuera’s products have become an integral part of Extremeño culinary traditions.

Matiz - La Higuera


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