Raw Fruit Bars

Matiz Extremeño Raw Fruit Bars


Our 100% natural raw fruit bars come to us from the hilly terrain of La Vera in the Spanish region of Extremadura. Matiz Raw Fig Demi-luna uses only the finest plump figs combined with walnuts, honey and natural spices. Matiz Raw Apricot Demi-luna combines delicious Spanish apricots with rich Marcona Almonds. Two healthy sweet-tooth satisfiers that pair well with cheese or hold their own on the dessert table.

Packed in display box.


2004 NASFT Finalist Best Dessert (fig bar)

Label artwork contributed by Amy Helman and Heidi Breeze-Harris.




Fig: Figs, walnuts, honey, granulated sugar with essence of vanilla, cinnamon; Apricot: dried apricots (contains sulphites), marcona almonds


Produced free of genetically engineered ingredients, Produced in a facility that processes wheat, nuts, and peanuts.


Wrap non-recyclable; display box 100% recyclable


Fig: 8 32924 00540 9; Fig 11 lb: 8 32924 00546 1; Apricot: 8 32924 00543 0

Item No.

Fig: MZE01, Fig 11 lb: MZE10, Apricot: MZE02


Nutrition Facts

Biovera & Sanmel are sister companies that were established by the Sanchez Rodriguez family for the production of traditional foods from their native lands of the Gredos Mountains of Extremadura, one of the largest mountainous regions of Spain to the west of Madrid.

Sanmel represents four generations of pimentón (or paprika) producers. Over 100 years of experience and a strong adherence to traditional techniques has made their Rey de la Vera brand well known throughout Spain. The founder’s great grandchildren, Ivan and Roberto, continue to direct the two companies that all began in a small historic building in Losar de la Vera in 1879. This mill was established in a location central to the pepper harvest and with access to local mountain water used in the milling process. The company hand-selects the peppers from established local small farmers in the region to ensure the highest quality and the Denomination of Origen certification.

Biovera was created by the family to take advantage of the abundance of fruit that is produced in the region, such as figs and dates. Working with the same model of purchasing from trusted local farmers each year, they produce exceptional dried fruit products, such as the much adored Fig Bread.

Rey de la Vera is truly a family business. Dad is the head honcho, while his sons and wife take on various roles from marketing, international sales, and production manager. The whole family takes pride in their dedication to the use of traditional techniques to produce the highest quality pimenton available and fruit breads.

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