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Matiz Gallego Berberechos in Brine


These delicious Spanish berberechos, also known as cockles or baby clams, come from the Atlantic coast Spain, Portugal and France, areas renowned for rich marine life. They are hand-packed fresh from the ocean in Galicia, Spain, in traditional Spanish style with nothing more than a touch of salt, yielding plump, tender and flavorful berberechos. Serving ideas: Enjoy fresh from the tin with a squeeze of lemon and chopped parsley, or serve with pasta sauce and bread.




Cockles (size 45/55), water and salt


This product has been produced free of gluten, nuts, dairy, and genetically engineered ingredients. Seafood tins comply with US and European limits on BPA.


100% recyclable


Matiz Berberechos: 8 32924 00523 2

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Matiz Berberechos: MZG03


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Since 1985 Connorsa has been dedicated to providing the highest quality fish and shellfish from the Galicia region of northwest Spain.

Spain has a rich culinary history that is largely centered around seafood.  This seems only natural given that the country is surrounded on three sides by water.  While fishing and trapping seafood is an age-old tradition, processing and preserving the catch can be dated back to the time of the Romans when facilities were built for drying and salting the fish.

Although Connorsa has experienced a significant amount of growth since it was founded they continue to pride themselves on utilizing traditional methods, while fusing them with modern day technology in order to provide quality products.

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