Matiz Vasco Piparras


Piparras are a traditional long green pepper from the Basque Country of Spain. With a mild slightly pickled flavor, they make a wonderful accompaniment to bonita tuna and smoked fish, or try them on their own with olive oil and salt. Creative chefs use them as a topping for pizza and burgers. They also double as the perfect martini stirrer. Delicious!

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Piparras, vinegar, salt, citric acid, ascorbic acid. No preservatives or artificial flavors


This product has been produced free of soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


100% recyclable and reusable


Piparras: 6.4 oz: 8 32924 00575 1; 4 lb: 8 32924 00576 8

Item No.

Piparras 6.4 oz: MZP01, Piparras 4 lb: MZP50


Nutrition Facts

Exclusivas Ubidea is a small family-run company with the mission to preserve and promote the traditional foods of their Basque and Navarra regions of Spain. They  ensure a market for the traditional produce of small local farmers at a fair and sustaining price. Although the company has installed modern equipment to ensure quality control, much of their processes, such as sorting and selecting of the incoming peppers and legumes, is still done by hand.

Matiz Vasco - Ubidea


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