Neus Extra Virgin Olive Oil


An award winner in Germany and Spain, Neus is now making a name in the United States as well.

Neus is created from 100% arbequina olives, extracted via cold-pressing and purified through a decantation process. Each bottle contains generations of tradition and experience, and is a tribute to the people of the Priorat Region, and in particular to Neus de Mas Callot, the grandmother of the company’s founder. The name “Neus” means “snow” in Catalan, attesting to the purity of this unique oil.

Neus’ complex, smooth buttery flavor with hints of almond makes this oil ideal for dishes that require a special olive oil. Superb on sandwiches, salads or poured over a thick, hearty bread.





100% Arbequina olives. No preservatives or artificial flavors. 0.1% acidity level.


This product has been produced free of gluten, dairy, soy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


100% recyclable and reusable


Neus: 6 91461 00031 1

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Neus: PN201


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Priorat Natur was established to reinstate the traditional production and preservation methods of the Priorat region that have been lost over the years. Their company is based on the history of the region, not only to rediscover a way of life that is in harmony with the environment, but to bring this history to others through their high quality products. All of their products are backed by centuries of history and the knowledge of many local artisans.

It all began in 1996 when two enthusiastic young Catalans, Xavi Buil and Xavier Fusté started to produce carmelized nuts and cured olives out of the family home. A year later Priorat Natur was born, and now they produce about 18,000 bottles of olive oil (9000 liters) and 28000 kilos of Arbequina olives annually. They produce all of their products by hand using traditional recipes and techniques, and without the use of preservatives or chemical additives.

The two Xavi’s are strongly vested in their community. They grow only a small portion of the products that they produce. By purchasing the rest from small local farmers, they are supporting not only a traditional way of life worthy of preservation, but they are also encouraging the protection of the local environment. Priorat Natur has proved that making community and the environment a priority can also be profitable.

Neus by Priorat Natur


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