Olivar de la Luna XV Organic Olive Oil


Made with heritage nevadillo blanco olives from Andalucia, Spain, this oil is full-bodied with flavor notes of apples and almonds. This family farm has been organically cultivated since it was established in the 18th century and focuses on “closed loop” agriculture with minimizing waste, utilizing animal husbandry, increasing energy efficiency through solar power and recycling of organic waste back into the land.

Help save the Olivar farm!
Since 2013 Culinary Collective has been donating all gross profits from the sale of Olivar de la Luna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in support of the Olivar de la Luna farm. The economic situation in Spain has put the Olivar farm at risk. Culinary Collective hopes that our efforts in the US market will help to avoid the loss of this farm and all that it embodies. We encourage retailers to display this product prominently and help us in our cause. Read more here…





XV olive oil from Nevadillo Blanco olives. No preservatives or artificial flavors. 0.2% acidity level


This product has been produced free of soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


100% recyclable


Tin: 8 32924 00710 6; Bottle: 8 32924 00711 3

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Tin: OL101, Bottle: OL102


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The story of the Olivar de la Luna farm dates back to the 18th century when King Carlos III offered land in return for clearing the Sierra of the gangs of bandits that had plagued the kingdom for years. Today, the 300 year-old trees populating this land produce the Nevadillo Blanco olive, which can only be found in the Sierra de Cordoba.

Over thirty years ago, Jesus Fernendez de Castro and Transito Habas Sanchez, fresh out of college – Jesus was a Philosophy major and Transito studied journalism – decided to return to the family cortijo – the olive tree farm founded by Jesus’ grandfather back in 1875. Working by the light of oil lamps as late as the early 80’s, they studied and implemented organic agriculture and animal husbandry techniques, built a new mill, and worked with their local community to bring electricity to the area.

Living so close, yet so far, from today’s conveniences has encouraged Transito and Jesus to rely on a mix of traditional techniques and modern technology: rainwater capture is the only water used on the farm, solar panels supply all of their electricity needs for the majority of the year, and hot coals under the dining room table keep visitors warm during delicious four-hour meals.

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