Zócalo Peru Organic Purple Corn Flour


Purple corn, once a staple of the Incan empire, is botanically the same species as yellow corn, but has a deep purple color. It has long been used by people of the Peruvian Andes to color beverages and food. Most commonly, maiz morado is used to make a popular beverage called chicha morada. The dark purple color is due to natural pigments known as anthocyanins, which are potent antioxidants. Purple corn has a higher antioxidant capacity than blueberries, which is leading many nutritionists to place purple corn in the category of “superfoods”.

Purple corn flour can be used wherever you would use regular corn flour, corn meal, or as a substitute for another flour to give your favorite corn-based dishes a beautiful color and an extra antioxidant burst. It can be used in raw chocolates, breads, tortillas, pancakes, muffins, and cakes. Popular Peruvian recipes include mazamorra morada and chicha sorbet.





Sundried Kernels, selected, milled. No preservatives or additives.


This product has been produced free of gluten, dairy, soy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


100% recyclable


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1 LB: ZHR303 / 8 32924 00891 2


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Topara Organica (AgroExport Topara SAC), owned by the Bederski family, has made it their mission to cultivate and produce products that represent the rich culinary traditions of Peru while restoring their land and strengthening their local community. The company organically cultivates and processes many indigenous crops, such as maiz morado, lucuma, ajis (chile peppers), huacatay (black mint), yuca and sweet potato.

Topara is a leader in their community and throughout Peru in organic cultivation. To this day they have the only certified organic nursery in the country. They work closely with neighboring farms to train them in organic agriculture. When the company purchases products from neighboring farmers, they oversee all aspects of the cultivation from seedling to harvest. When they purchase from farmers or farmer associations in other regions (such as the highland grains and roots), Topara ensures that all organic certifications are in order and often send workers for cultural and work exchanges.

The Bederski family has made a huge positive impact on there local community, both on a personal level and through their farm. When a devastating earthquake leveled the town of Chincha, the family donated money and supplies, and raised more money internationally, to help rebuild the homes of their workers. They have acted on the community’s behalf over the years in negotiations with the local mine to reduce environmental impact and to improve roads and infrastructure. The company adds a strong voice to local efforts for community development.

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