Spanish Sardine Fritters Recipe

Spanish Sardine Fritters

These little fritters are one of our new favorite ways to experience Matiz Sardines. Fried in Spanish extra virgin olive oil, these have a meaty texture and rich flavor with a hint of smoky spice and lemon. Serve with Matiz Fiery All i Oli and a few crunchy piparras and you’ll be hooked!

sweet-potato-coconut-bread whole grain

Sweet Potato Coconut Bread

Using Zócalo Sweet Potato Flour in this recipe makes preparation a snap! Combined with whole wheat pastry flour, shredded coconut, coconut milk and coconut oil, this recipe is a sweet potato and coconut-lovers dream. Serve warm, slathered with whipped butter or coconut cream and serve for breakfast or as a decadent afternoon snack.


Pasta with Garlic, Spanish Olive Oil and White Anchovies (Boquerones)

Use marinated seafood in pasta dishes to make them come alive with flavor! Matiz Boquerones, or white anchovies from Spain, are fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar, oil and salt, which add an easy umami-rich element to pasta and grain-based recipes. Toss in whatever else you have on hand – arugula, fresh tomatoes, or hard cheeses and you […]