Sunshine comes to the Mountains of the Moon: Olivar de La Luna’s new solar initiative

New solar panels by the olive groves

New solar panels by the olive groves at Olivar de la Luna

The story of Olivar de la Luna is a tale of sweat, determination, and swoon-worthy olive oil. It is also a tale of an audacious couple, Jesus and Tránsito, working hard to achieve the high standards of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship that set them apart in the world of olive oil production.

Jesus and Tránsito have been committed to organic production principles since they took over their farm in southern Spain in the 80’s, at a time many agricultural families in the area had given up the struggle to eek a living from the land. They continue to pursue environmental stewardship in every way they can, from rainwater capture to the use of livestock to enhance soil health.

Since solar energy is plentiful in sun-drenched Andalucía, harnessing the sun was a natural step for Olivar de a Luna as they work towards greater sustainability and efficiency. Culinary Collective’s “Support the Farm” campaign has provided crucial financial support for this project, enabling the family to complete their long awaited solar expansion project. This involved installing six new photovoltaic panels on their farm. The new solar-powered electricity enables them to work daily in the olive oil bottling plant without using any gasoline. Thus it is a substantial step towards achieving the high standards that they have set for themselves.

Olivar de la Luna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

It is fair to say that Olivar de La Luna’s gorgeous organic extra virgin olive oil made from nevadillo blanco olives is a cult favorite at Culinary Collective, among both the staff and our many oil savvy customers. Green-gold in color and fruity in flavor, this oil evokes green apple, almond, and freshly mown grass on the palate. The delicately bitter aftertaste is characteristic of a good quality olive oil high in health-promoting polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamin E.

Voting with your fork—or with your torn piece of crusty bread slathered in olive oil as the case may be—has never been more delicious. Since 100% of Culinary Collective’s profits from this oil return directly to the producers, the act of drizzling it over your food is a vote not only for the preservation of a heritage olive oil but also for a sustainable future.

You can read more about the fascinating history of this farm here, as you accompany Culinary Collective co-founder Betsy Power on a journey deep into the Mountains of the Moon.