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Matiz Sardines with Salsa Verde Tapa

Celebrate World Tapas Day with Nibbles from Spain

Today, June 16th, 2016, is the first annual World Tapas Day! It’s a day to celebrate all things tapas, which are those irresistible little nibbles served in bars all over Spain. They are more than what Americans call appetizers. They aren’t just food, but a cultural and social phenomenon. Tapas are so much a part […]


Simple Spanish Tapas Recipes

Have you ever noticed that the most memorable meals are those that turn out to be the simplest? We all have those moments – whether it’s a picnic of pungent cheese, baguette and a bottle of wine in the park during that summer you spent in France, or that perfect pasta, bought for a few […]

Seafood and Spinach Paella by Sydney Kramer of Crepes of Wrath

Easy Paella Recipes for National Paella Day

Americans use many different words when describing Spanish paella. Words such as “heavenly”, “hearty” and “comfort food” but they also use words such as “intimidating” and “complicated” when asked about making it.  How can a one-pot meat and rice dish inspire such conflicting emotions? We must admit, this breaks our Spanish hearts a little bit […]